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Blood work can quickly go back to normal after a month right? Read details? And is it safe to go for test during COVID-19?

One time I went for a blood test for liver function and the results were liver inflammation and mildly elevated. One doctor thought it was from vodka but the results said it wasn't alcoholic hepatitis. I think my results were abnormal a bit because I drank the night before the test and wasn't aware to avoid alcohol for a while before the test so I asked my doctor if I need to quit drinking alcohol but then she said I am ok to drink socially 1 or 2 drinks just not to drink every day. So the fact I had these results I think I should go for these tests once a year but my liver is fine now even when I drink alcohol. But can anyone can liver inflammation results if they drank alcohol 2 days before the test causing abnormal results then next time they avoid alcohol for 48 hours before these tests and their liver is fine even if they drink socially? Is that possible?


Also I had a cousin who had fatty liver that was cleared and she drinks sometimes but it's possible I take after my cousin

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    The more alcohol you drink the more damage it will do to the liver of course in time. I gave up soda pop and I still have a slight raise in my sugar levels. I would be more concerned about the other organs that can be damaged by drinking alcohol. What if you changed it to wine which is supposedly more healthier than Vodka. I do not know which wine is good. My opinion, stop drinking so you can live a little longer and not have to worry about getting tested every 3 or 6 months. Keep in mind the chemicals will always stay in your body for months not days so drinking before a test of course will always have an unbalanced results.

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