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boyfriend never told me he had a std? should i forgive him?

ive been with my boyfriend for 5 years. he always insisted we use condoms. but i also had unprotected oral sex with him. one night he calls me crying saying as much as he was taking the medication and washing before sex, he noticed a minor outbreak from..his..herpes!! After we had unprotected sex. i asked why he didnt tell me in 5 years! now im waiting for days or even years to find out if im infected.

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    Forgive him?  For not giving a d*mn about your safety and just wanting what he can get from you?  H*ll NO!  There is no cure for herpes.  It is FOR LIFE.  He knows it.  Don't believe for one moment that he doesn't know.  He knew he was on meds and was infective.  Not waiting until he was safe again says loads about his character, and you will spend a lifetime of the same arrogance and self-centered behavior from him.  Herpes is like TB.  Once you get it, there are periods of time when you have to not do anything sexual, which would infect others - herpes and isolate from everyone completely - TB.  You deserve someone caring, enough to not infect you.  He doesn't care if you get it.  He only cares about himself and his own gratification.  I'd dump him immediately!  And get tested.  Tell your doctor and hope for a miracle.

    Source(s): A friend with herpes and knew a co-worker who had it.
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