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Do wizards know that their sorcery is a sham?

When I was a kid I remember going to see a wizard and he was doing all sorts of tricks. He seemed really confused by them though. Like he kept putting the coin in our ears and would take it out and wonder how it got in there. He put the rabbit in the cereal box and wonder how he pull him out of it. Like he didn't remember the thing he just did a second before. Everything he did was like this. Like he even saw this dude in half and didn't think about the shoes on the other end not matching.

When I was a teenager I went on a cruise and there was a wizard and he was doing all these tricks but it looked like it was fake. I don't think he knew he was being duped by someone into thinking he had powers or something. Like at one point this guy hooked him up to a wire while he wasn't looking and he went up in the air thinking he was flying and fireworks came off of him. Then this guy got put in the ice and he had to dig him out with a chainsaw even though he walked into the ice from the back end of the ice and a dude closed it up. It was stupid.

A few months ago I went to a wizard store and there was this wizard trying to buy crystals from this other wizard and he said that they were magic. It said on the case what each crystal did. Also oils and herbs, and statues. I bought a spell book and try to do itself and the power went off. It then I do did another one in the bathroom and the pipe burst on me. When I went back the wizard told me that I did it wrong, but I did what the said.

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    Maybe you should understand what you are talking about is sleight of hand tricks. The pretense that they are unaware of the "appearance" is part of the misdirection.

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    Honey, there are no wizards, and your question isn't even logical. If wizardry is a sham, then there ARE no "wizards" -- which is, of course, what I just pointed out.

    And your long story, poorly written as it is, does not impress. It's also a violation of the site rules.

    Pointless.  Grow up, develop a more mature worldview, a sharper, more sophisticated wit, and a better writing style.

    Learn how to use the English language correctly.

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    Here's a better question:  How many retarded trolls does it take to change....

    You know what, forget it.  You already know that one.

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