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Favorite inspirational, positive, calm, mindful, etc.... messages and quotes?

My mom gets really stressed out when she does not feel good (she thinks it's the end of the world).

I want to put together a jar of messages and quotes that are calming, inspirational, positive, mindful, etc... (preferably non-religious because my family is not very big on religion) that she can read when she is not feeling great to help make her more relaxed.

Of course I can go to Google and find quotes and messages to use but I wanted to ask the people of Yahoo Answers to see what quotes and messages you all like?

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    I love this quote. Helps me focus on the task before me al-ways. Not looking too forward for too long or backward too much.

    "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That's why it's called "the present".

    Tell her just be happy for today and focus on today al-ways.

    It's called living in the present, moment, WHATEVER.

    Its a bubbled world. Protects you from dis-ease of self like depression.

    The self conscious.....the conscious is the bubble........🤔

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