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My rear brake keeps going thru pads ('06  FXDL)  I do Not use it excessively. What is causing the drag?

The dealer sez my rear disk is at minimum, last pads looked overheated. I do Not,  I repeat, use  R. excessively. Is it the master or the slave cylinder that sticks? (both  pads wear evenly)


I don't rest my  foot on pedal either, I keep it under. Hit F brake first, then R.  Wears evenly so I suspect some clogged port in master. Experience?

Update 2:

Pearl I cannot even Ride my  'sickle  to the dealer for his $140/hr rate, with my broke leg. . . Can probably buy used, good master/calipers for this much

Update 3:

Ok Ok I will try the calipers.  my $55 Haynes book sez Nothing.In my years of MC repair, I saw nothing special about a master cylinder. but I have read hear of a Compensating Port being blocked so as the fluid heats up, it has no where to go But the calipers. So, they will Not drag cold, but, might hot. Would solve a mystery.

Update 4:

Exo: Blocked I have been rebuilding brakes since 1979, I think I Know not to do STUPID THINGS  to them. I think the problem is this is the first multi-piston caliper I've seen.

Update 5:

I rebuilt caliper and used "Harley piston lube" honed . Also,  rebuilt master. It's 13 years old, why not?  Its only problem was  that fluid looked a bit dark. There was a clip in calipers that had a bit of glue to hold it in that was possibly interfering with the inboard pad's retraction, I scraped it off. Checked  it  Cold, no drag, full retraction. We'll see how it works, hot.

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    I'd agree it is most likely the caliper.  They can stick slightly and not allow the pads to retract as they should.  Certainly look at this first before you consider the cylinders.

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    Clean up the caliper and apply a smear of copper based brake grease to all the sliding parts especially where the pads sit.. It sounds like the pads are sticking on due to lack of lubrication. The pads should lightly brush the rotors. Spin the wheel before and after to check the drag.The hydraulics will not cause this effect.

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    maybe you should get a mechanic to check it out

  • Anonymous
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    Replace caliper.

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