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why some people never feel guilty?

you know that people who did something wrong to you and they never feel did something wrong to you..... and never apologize for what they did....

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    It's not so much that they're incapable of empathy. Sometimes they just don't care about the person they're hurting, so it doesn't matter to them how the person feels about their actions.

  • Jen
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    2 months ago

    Remove yourself from immature people like that because you’ll never be able to communicate with such behavior. It’s stubborn and hard headed of them to never feel guilty for anything they did wrong to you. In truth, they don’t care about you or your feelings. 

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    Some people don't have a conscience.

    Some people don't think they did anything wrong, so don't feel there is a need for guilt.

    Some people are able to justify their behavior in their own minds, to avoid feeling guilt.


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  • 2 months ago

    YOU feel they did something wrong. THEY don't.  So is it possible, that they are right?  Is it possible that they believe they are right?  And would YOU apologize if you believe you were in the right?  Would YOU feel guilty for something that you haven't actually done?

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