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Chronic Heart Failure (Dogs)?


My 13yo shih tux has been showing most of the signs. 

Fatigues very easily, paces back and forth, panting, and the last few days, the goose like cough. 

Tomorrow we’re going to get but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. She gets to the point she’s out of breath from drinking water.

Unfortunately, I was out of state and my elderly idiot parents did not bring most of these issues to my attention. I took her to the vet for a checkup last November and everything was fine. 

Assuming we start treatment ASAP, is it too late for her to have a good quality of life? Could meds offer her some more comfort (breathing)? 

Basically, are the meds used to control further deterioration or do they actually treat some of the issues?


Tzu* sorry for an other errors

Update 2:

Vet appointment tomorrow. I’m just a nervous wreck that she’ll be in discomfort or that they won’t prescribe meds ASAP and wait for test results.

Update 3:

Turns out they don’t think she has it. 😃 

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    1) I have no qualifications to give you any advice or opinion

    2) I haven't seen your dog or performed any tests. There's a chance what you're seeing is something else or not as bad. My dog had a stage 3 murmur and there were a few signs of it. Once on medication her symptoms all but cleared up and her resting respiratory dropped from 20 to 15 - the vet was surprised by the good results. And she's still with me now at 18 (she was diagnosed 5 years ago). It wasn't as bad as I'd be thinking and the medication helped. 

    The best person to ask these questions to is your vet. Make a list. That's what I do. The medication I'm aware just slows things down and helps the heart out with the extra strain. But it really depends and it something of a waiting game.

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    There are no Vets on this site to advise you.  We cannot examine your dog online & neither could a Vet.  Rely on your Vet for help, we can't do a thing to help you.  Talk to your Vet, pose your questions to him/her.  Get the answers you are looking for from them.

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    There are NO VETS on yahoo.  You are guessing about a medical condition - not yet diagnosed (or graded) as to severity.  They ONLY person to advise you, is the treating vet of the dog.  You are also welcome to get second or third opinions, thereafter.

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    Rather than spending time on the Internet, which may give you totally incorrect information, wait until your vet has examined, diagnosed and treated.   Your dog could possibly have heart or lung worm .... more guesses!

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