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Why do obese people experience worse symptoms of Covid19 than People of normal stature?

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    6 months ago

    Obesity makes a person more prone to various health issues, and people who are not healthy (people with underlying health issues) tend to be more affected by COVID (and other types of illnesses) than those who have no underlying health issues. 


    Basically if the body is fighting off some other illness or parts of it are having to work harder than they normally would, due to some condition or internal damage, the body won't be able to mount its strongest attack on any virus.

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    6 months ago

    Many diseases go with obesity. Anything that lowers the immune system will make covid19 more lethal to that person.

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    The more obese you are, the more fat you'll be carrying. This leads to you being less active and as a result even less fit. It is a vicious circle which inevitably lowers your lung capacity, which in turn makes it much harder to get sufficient oxygen into the blood and around the body. This inefficiency stresses the heart, reduces the blood flow to vital organs thereby compromising their ability to maintain homeostasis, metabolise correctly and remove waste products. Even worse, if someone already has COPD. their lungs can get into a state where they cannot remove enough Carbon Dioxide and respiratory failure can be an immediate result.

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