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is my weight healthy?

i am a female teen that weights 9.11 stone and has a bmi of 26.0, my height is 5’1. is that healthy? 

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    That is absolutely healthy! Don’t listen to those that say other wise. I would however look into weight lifting or boxing this will ensure that a lot of that weight is put into good use ! It will make you stronger and more muscular 

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    "Healthy" is more than just weight and BMI, but your are overweight, which suggest that you may also have other risk factors of poor health.

    You can help yourself by selecting more vegetables and a lot fewer processed foods, fast food, fried foods, and sweets; decreasing your portion sizes; not snacking; and getting more exercise.

    If you were to drop a stone (14 pounds) of fat and add a couple of pounds of muscle over the next year while also improving your endurance (cardiovascular fitness), you will not only look and feel healthier, but you will have lowered your risk of cancer, T2 diabetes, arthritis, IBS, respiratory complications, and other major health issues down the road. 

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    A 5'1" female should weigh 106 - 124 lbs (7.6 - 8.6 stone) depending on body frame size, so you're over the recommended weight range for your height at about 127.5 lbs. If you are carrying some extra muscle, that would make a difference. Body composition matters. 

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    Technically, you are overweight. But it depends on your body type

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    No. It's over weight,, well, if u have a big *** and boobs, then maybe you're fine,, I don't really know your fat distribution, so I can't exactly say, that's just what it says when u Google it.

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