Is it wrong to use the article "The" with own names like New York, for example, The New York is a big city.?

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    1 month ago
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    I guess you mean: with proper names.

    The answer is: yes, it is incorrect to use "the" with proper names unless "the" is part of the proper name.

    Examples where you should never use "the":

    - The New York City

    - The Vladimir Putin

    - The Canada

    Examples where you should use "the" (because it is part of the proper name)

    - The United States of America

    - The Metropolitan Library

    - The State of New York

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    1 month ago

    Typically one doesn’t include “The” with proper names UNLESS “The” is designated as part of the name itself. In 1986, Ohio State University mounted a formal marketing campaign in which the college’s FULL name—“The Ohio State University”—was advocated. Despite the fact that up until that point, the college had simple been referred to as “Ohio State University” or “OSU,” the leadership of the institution decided it was time to elevate the school’s national status and insisted that its FORMAL name (actually established in 1878) be used when mentioned in the news media. Because there are OTHER colleges that can use “OSU” (like Oklahoma and Oregon), and because many of the school’s leaders believe its prestige warrants the invocation of the definitive article, “The Ohio State University” is the correct and sanctioned name of this college.

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    1 month ago

    In normal English we do not use 'The' in front of a city or town or village name. The exception is, for instance, 'The New York skyline is famous' - but in that case the words 'New York' are used adjectivally, as locator words for 'skyline'.

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    We never say "The New York is a big city".

    But we CAN say, "The New York public transport system is extensive", because "New York" is being used here as an adjective.The big transport system, the terrible transport system, the old-fashioned transport system, the New York transport system ...

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    The definite article is not usually used before the names of places, but there are exceptions. I can't list all the exceptions. Groups of islands usually get 'the' before the name, as in 'the Thousand Islands'. Then there are places like 'the Wirral' or 'the Arctic'.

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    1 month ago

    Yes it is wrong, but some countries use "the" before their names mainly because they are made up of many islands:

    The Cook Islands

    The Maldives

    The Netherlands

    The Philippines

    The Seychelles

    The Solomon Islands

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    1 month ago

    Yes, it is wrong, at least in the example provided.

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