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NFL Snitch Lines?

As we've seen in MLB this year, pro players have zero regard for the protocols set up to protect them, their families, their teammates, and other team personnel during the pandemic.

So some NFL teams, along with the NFLPA, have set up snitch lines so that people can report players who are violating league Covid protocols.

A hefty fine won't stop 'em.

Pleas and speeches from the coaches won't matter to them.

The risk of infecting themselves, their loved ones, and their teammates means nothing to them.

But peer pressure? In the monkey see, monkey do world of the NFL, that just might be the ticket.

The thing is, how will it affect team chemistry? Say Eric Fisher of the Chiefs decides to break protocol and Patrick Mahomely sees him do it and turns him in; how eager will Fisher be to block for his boy when he returns to the team?

Snitching is an innate behavior for the subhumans of the NFL but are teams and the player's association wrong for exploiting that behavior?

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    There's the problem. No one will trust their teammate once someone on the team is reported. Imagine a QB is reported(and actually broke the rules) so you don't know who did it. Could even be a back-up is reporting to try to get playing time. Trying to get the players to act as Gestapo is more then likely going to backfire.

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