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Starting a clothing business. Looking for a website that manufactures clothing design ! Any recommendations?  Also any tips for starting ?  ?

Ideally clothing will be used for people in the gym including stringer tops t shirts jumpers trousers hats etc ! 

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    #1 Great.  People need clothes.

    #2 Nope.  Well, you can try contacting Spoonflower, they print fabric and manufacture it into curtains and bedspreads and pillows.  If they cannot do it, then you are better off going on Craig's list and finding several GOOD local seamstresses and paying them.  That way you do not have to ship them the fabric and pay to have the clothing shipped back to you.

    #3 Go to the local fabric store.  Half the people working there are professionals and know how to sew.  Pay them to work for you part time...AND they get discounts on the fabric!

    #4 You need a business plan.  Call your accountant or check on Fiverr for a ready made business plan.  Note - the accountant  will be more expensive.

    #5 Find the book called How To Create Fund and Start Your Own Business.  Check the library or Good Will.  READ that book twice.

    Ok, now go get your EIN and make some profits!

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    5 months ago

    You are very likely to fail. Even if you had a dozen years experience in the industry.

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