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I switched my Microsoft account to a local account. can i switch back and forth and keep saved programs/ files? See details?

When I first started my new laptop, I signed up for a Microsoft account. I saved a test word file and downloaded a Webroot paid for anti-virus service that was not already on there.

I then created a “local account” for the first time. Those two things files were there so, great.

1. I see that my Microsoft accounts have saved in the control panel. So, if I go the Microsoft account again, will my files and programs be there?

2.:And If I try to go back to the local account “ again” after going to the Microsoft account “ again”, will that  local account option be saved?

3.And once I go in the local account, will my other files and programs be saved?

(I have used local accounts forever. Now they are scaring me thinking I will forget my password and I haven’t for 20 years.)

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    Yes of course. Using a Microsoft account does not mean that your files will be removed or put on the cloud or anything like that unless you specifically upload them there.

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