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On Who Wants to be a Millionaire when they select " Ask the Audience"  ...?

Is it compulsory to vote? 

The presenter always says "ALL vote now!"

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    No it is not compulsory to vote. It is by percentage.

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    I doubt it was a mandatory thing, but I'm guessing they tell the audience before the show that the cameras will "look" for people in the act of pressing their voting buttons...implying that it is their shot to appear on TV.

    Live-audience shows where the audience is visible during broadcast will often do this...I was once in the audience of one of the late-night talk shows, for example, where the "warmup guy" (a stand-up comedian who "pumps up" the crowd but also goes over the basic conduct rules) said people who laughed the loudest and cheered the most enthusiastically were the most likely to appear on the broadcast.

    This was just their subtle way of improving the audience reaction to the show by manipulating their desire to appear, if even for a brief moment, on a TV broadcast.

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