How to clean the bathroom (blue stuff didnt work)?

Hi guys.

I bougth a new house and the bathroom (master) is BAD. i dont know what the pigs in the house doing there before me and my family but there is rotten rude stuff and mold everywhere. As u can see I try alot. there are all the chemicals I tried to use. I bought this blue stuff from the hardware store and the guy assured me it would clean it, but he lied and I cant afford the mr clean! I tried to get the brown stain off the tolet with the power washer thats how desperate I am but that just made the paint in the bathroom ruined now!

Anyway what can I use? Should I try steel wool. I got to use something because my 2 year old goes in there often to play and i cant have him near that mold and the chemicals. Im having freinds over in a few days to see the house. I still need to retile the floor but I cant if all that cleaner in there. 

What is the blue stuff the guy had me use? cause im convinced he just sold me koolade! it didnt do anything but stain my hand and closth!

Any maids on here that have experience with this im deperate!!!!!!

Thanks ladies!

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  • 2 months ago

    okay first dry out the mess that you have made with a wet vac suck out all the water open up all the doors and windows and let fresh air get in there and dry it out. When it's good and dry get yourself some good quality Clorox bleach put it in a pump up sprayer and spray the pure bleach on all of the mold and mildew get out of the house for a few hours leaving all of the doors and the windows that you can leave open you might have to close the front door in the back door so people won't come in now the Clorox will kill all of the mold and the mildew after you removed all the bleach residue and certainly all the mold in the mildew should be gone from the bleach in a few hours if your toilet has ridiculous rust stains in it you can go outside where they sell the swimming pool chemicals and get yourself a gallon of muriatic acid for $5 muriatic acid will melt that rust in a heartbeat leaving white porcelain

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I'm not sure this is real.  The toilet is not clogged, there is no standing 'blue' water. The bottles are all covered with the same level of 'dust' that the rest of the room is, yet you say you just bought them. I see lots of dust and dirt, but no mold which is supposed to be abundant. And if you had used a power washer on any of it, there wouldn't be that level of rust in the bowl.  I'm going to guess this was posted as a 'funny post.' 

    But let's say you're serious.  Ok.  If I were you, I'd remove the toilet, snake the drain and then begin the rebuild.  Not sure why there are bare cinderblocks in an 'owner's bath' but either way, this need to be gutted and totally replaced.  

  • 2 months ago

    Spray paint the toilet brown

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    hi harry dik

    that tolet aint so bad. i live in the farm we got one to and its pure black. dad say that the body makes food (corn) bad (black arfiken niger) ones the good mineral used up. by the way dad own this farm. he make mum scrub it every day but the black get more of it and by the way it got hair growing to! a barn cat get in are ones and that was bad the hair covered him! the next day it wasnt no more! the hair got him! i told dad to use the shot gun at it and he taned my hide! dont use that he tell me some thig feers! my hide still hert! by the way i think that is a good bat rome and it not so bad i like the cord! ares got one to but it shock u to toch it so DONT thanks bye good luck justin

    Source(s): my dad and my tolet and barn
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  • 2 months ago

    steel wool will not work.  and might damage the porcelain surface permanently.  i hesitate to suggest this as I haven't tried it for the purpose you have, and, I know it will remove calcium deposits in the waterways under the toilet rim.  Problem is it's dangerous to use -- you NEED a respirator and chemical grade gloves.  What you do is drain the water [if you turn the water off and then overfill the bowl by using a big bucket, it will drain near all the water].  the product is muratic acid -- swimming pool strength. it has to be handled carefully and used only with plastic funnel or other implements ... it attacks metal.  let it sit there overnight, then turn water back on, close the lid, and flush twice.  As I said, it'll clean those hard deposits, so it might clean your problem, too.  [for cleaning the waterways that lead to the holes under the rim, the acid goes down the overflow tube after you've emptied the water as described -- and you'll need the plastic funnel to get it in there.]  -- grampa

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It looks like you have gutted the bathroom. I didn’t see a floors or walls.

    Why not just replace the toilet?  

    You had to know you were in for some hard cleaning and  renovations before you bought the place.

    Hope you got a great deal on the house, 

  • 2 months ago

    To be honest I can't see what the problem is. Yes, there's a slight brown discolouration here and there but I'm sure it could be easily solved with a little white vinegar and a couple of minutes-worth of dabbing with a cloth. I mean, if you think about it all it's ever going to be used for is gut evacuation, so let's not get bogged down in details.


    The answer by "tekno pyco" is pure genius. Listen to this man!

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