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Mentally ill partner (M, 30s) applied to become a police officer & threatens suicide - am I allowed to disrupt his application?

My partner applied to several police departments. He suffers from bipolar disorder, ptsd, depression, anxiety, has anger issues and is abusive. In my (and his family) eyes he’s clearly unfit for the job, but he’s determined to go through with it. 

He has threatened several times that once he gets the job and he’s tired of life, he’s gonna end his own life because of (easy) access to weapons. Both me and my MIL are nervous that if he’s allowed to bring a weapon home, he’ll either threaten or physically harm us when he has one of those anger explosions. 

He’s a danger to himself and that makes me nervous. He’s been physically violent with me many times and I don’t want to risk getting shot. I’m wondering if I’m legally allowed to call those police departments and tell them of my partners backstory so that he doesn’t get hired to become an officer. 

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    They will not allow him to be on the force. There are many tests he will have to go through to even be accepted including tests to see if he is mentally fit. They will not chose him. The one thing that is scaring me is the fact that you are still with him even though he is abusive. Get yourself out of there before he hurts you. You do not need to live your life that way, no matter how much you think you owe him. You owe an abusive partner absolutely nothing. Get away and live a good life for yourself. There is nothing you are going to be able to do with a mentally unstable person, he has set his fate in motion and you can't stop it, no matter what you do or how hard you try to help. 

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    This seems like a very good idea and a very rational reason for telling future employers about this man who is CLEARLY disabled and unable to handle a job like this.

    So, yes, I would do that but be careful who you talk to.  When you call, ask to talk to the Chief of Police because he or she will be in charge of hiring.

    Not ALL POLICE forces demand a psychiatric interview for each candidate, though they should demand that and psych testing.  And if this man has a police record due to his violence and threatening, you may rest assured that any police department will check on that easily.

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     once he becomes an officer Hill everybody else that works there just leave it alone

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