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Is my relationship considered interracial ?

My boyfriend is white and I’m half white/half black. 

I’m also wondering if it would be considered interracial if I was with a black man?

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  • Paul
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Sounds like you are both members of the human race. That's all you need to be concerned about.

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Race is highly fungible, regardless of what some say, and often just comes down to how mixed race people identify and what the couple chooses to call itself. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not really either way.

  • 1 month ago

    In accordance with society's definition, yes you have an interracial relationship.  This would apply if no matter your partner's ethnic background.

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  • Zirp
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Only by people who (erroneously!!) believe that humans come in races

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