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Optical Engineer jobs in Tokyo Japan?

With 4 years in Optical Engineering. Anyone know any jobs I can apply for in Japan? I would prefer Tokyo as I don't really like snow but anywhere in japan would be fine. Seriously if anyone can find a job thank you so much because I can't find one.

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  • Quinn
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    3 months ago

    You are not going to find a job in Japan during this pandemic. Japan and several countries around the world has limited entry into their country to only people who meet the very strict conditions,  And bringing in foreign hirings is not one of the conditions.

    When this crisis is over, you'll have to use a recruiter or agency because unless you already have your own social network in Japan, it will be near impossible.  For one thing, the job market in Japan has not been good for the last 20 years because of the recession Japan has been in for that long.  The Japanese economy is not doing well and unemployment is still high.

    BTW: It snows in Tokyo, too.

  • 3 months ago

    Your best bet to work in Japan is to get a job at a company that does business in Japan rather than a Japanese company itself. Right now especially there's little chance of finding jobs in Japan for foreigners with the travel restrictions.

    Work visas in Japan are generally only granted for skills that are not easily found in Japan. The most common of those native English skills and  teaching since Japan cannot produce native English speakers.  Otherwise, the rule of thumb is that if a job can be done by a Japanese, it will go to a Japanese before it goes to a foreigner.

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