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Experienced Horseback Riders: do horses really sense fear in their riders? If so, how do horses generally respond to this fear? ?

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    They certainly can tell if someone is uncertain or frightened, yes. But their reactions to that are going to vary hugely. Horses are individuals and their responses will be as varied as people's responses to a situation. 

    We had the sweetest thoroughbred mare for years who was very very tall. We put about a ten year old kid up on her one day who was initially all smiles but absolutely freaked out once she started moving. Started screaming and crying hysterically in fear. The mare stopped dead, looked around at him in confusion and proceeded to very carefully kneel down on the ground. Other horses may have ignored it, bolted, otherwise gotten upset themselves, decided to take advantage of the situation, or who knows, really?  

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    Yes, horses can sense the emotions of people, and they are particularly good at sensing strong emotions like fear and anger. And they frequently will use such emotions as an excuse to take advantage of the rider in ways that aren't safe. Not all horses do this, but a good many do.

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