Have you seen any California Condors in Los Padres National Forest? ?

Supposedly you should be able to spot one from the top of Mount Pinos. I've been there once and no luck at all. I know the chances are slim because of how few of them are out there, but I'm planning to go again this weekend and I was wondering if anyone here has actually been successful? If so, do you have any suggestions (like what time of the day to go)?


1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I usually have seen or spotted them circling above or near highway 101 northwest of San ta Barbara after Los Olivos past San ta Maria near San Luis Obispo and ending around Paso Robles or San Miguel when I go traveling up to the San Francisco bay area in May and September of every year. One time there were three of them together near San Lucas and another three between Atascadero and Templeton with two flying close together like they were a "couple".

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