Where can I get a cheap diagnosis on my van in Virginia?

It keeps needing to be jumpstarted. The shop said my alternator is fine. I just replaced the battery. I have no idea where to go find out what's wrong with my van. 

I went to firestone and they said that they could check the electrical part of the car for $50, but I dont know if they'd be able to find the problem. Lol 

It does make these clicking sounds when I try to start it and it shows the lights. 

Today when I tried to start it, the ac turned on, and the fast meter went up, and it turned on but the engine part didn't start. 

The oil light was one so I took it for an oil change 


*gas meter

Update 2:

I actually commute to Winchester a lot

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Virginia is a state that covers almost 43,000 square miles. Be more spedific dumdum. It wouldn't help if I recommended a shop in Winchester and you live in Virginia Beach. FAIL. Try harder next time, or go to Yelp or Angies List and look for recommendations in your area. 

    Source(s): A BASIC CLUE. GET ONE.
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