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why cant my friend remember anything?

tw: delusions

earlier today my friend was fine. she knew about our plans tomorrow, who she was in a relationship with, etc. but just over an hour ago she completely forgot. she didnt hit her head or anything, she just forgot. we had to explain to her that her best friend was not her boyfriend, and that one of our friends was coming over tomorrow even though we had made those plans that day. i would assume shes faking it, because she sometimes pulls a prank now and again, but she seems genuinely scared and is confused about things she would never joke about. i know delusions come with certain mental health issues, as she does suffer from quite a few, but ive never heard of a delusion like this before. im worried for her.

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    Could potentially be a brain tumor, bleed, traumatic event or like you said a mental condition. Take her to a doctor even if it's against her will and get the truth.

    It's either something seriously went wrong in her brain physically or she's faking it.

    (If she is as confused as you say she is)

    Not remembering who her boyfriend is and her future plans could potentially be serious. Especially the fact that you had to explain her best friend is not her boyfriend.

    If you believe she's faking it or the doctor says there is nothing wrong with her, you should think about why she would do that. Particularly about the things she's "forgotton" and what she's done in the mean time.

  • 2 months ago

    Maybe she is attention seeking and a drama queen.

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