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maths question?

The voltage drop across an electric device can be calculated using the

formula: v = 0.5e^-0.2 tsin 0.1t

Where v = voltage in millivolts and t = time in seconds after the actuating

switch is closed.

Determine the voltage drop one minute after the closure of the actuating


Note: e = 2.718 and 0.1t is an angle in radians.

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  • Ash
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    v(t) = 0.5e⁻⁰˙²ᵗ sin(0.1t)

    t = 1 min = 60 s

    v(60) = 0.5e⁻⁰˙²⁽⁶⁰⁾ sin(0.1*60) = -8.584 x 10⁻⁷ mV

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