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Can my realtor lie about a Seller already accepting an offer on a home I’m interested in?

I’ve been trying to purchase a home for 8 months. I found a home I was interested in and asked my realtor (yesterday)if I could make an appointment to view it. He Said yes, but never got back to me about a time. He sent me a text this morning at 9am and said the seller had already accepted an offer and then he sent me info on a different home listed for 55k more. 

Something about the seller already accepting an offer seemed off. I checked the listing sellers website- they still had it listed as active. I then called the sellers agent at 12pm to ask if it was still active. When I spoke to the sellers realtor, I was informed it had 3 offers and the agent would be meeting the seller this evening to go decide on an offer to accept. 

The house had 3 offers... does that mean I can’t add my offer in too if I was interested?! I feel like my realtor screwed me out of viewing and offering on a home I was interested in. 

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    You have a bad attitude.  It would make no sense for the realtor to not show you the house if they were still accepting offers.  They are considering the three offers and are not showing the house anymore and are accepting no more offers.  How is that the realtor's fault?  Do you expect your realtor to argue with the seller and act like an entitled brat to get a viewing?  It wouldn't help.  It is off the market.  The website will be updated within a month or so.  Move on already. 

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