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My PS2 slim SCPH-70000 won't read discs?

This is a problem that has happened recently. Whenever I put a disc into my PS2 it won't read the disc because it refuses to spin. Sometimes it does seem like it's spinning when I open it but not fast enough. I can't hear the motor moving when I close the tray either. All of the triggers are pushed down inside so it knows that the disc tray is closed but it still won't spin. I assume it may be a dying motor but I'm not too sure.

1 Answer

  • Should be a plastic piece at the right corner of lid, it pushed a switch when you close the lid, if it's broke, open up ps2 slim, wrap some tape around switch get it in the down potion, put it back together, then it will work again but you will need to turn it off to change out the discs. YouTube videos how to open up a ps2 slim. Might be the issue with it. 

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