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How do you deal with roommates that are a couple and the guy likes to talk to you too much and they have vocal sex in their room?

I am a female and this guy just keeps cornering me in the common areas and yaps his head off about what he did that day. I dont usually even ask cause we arent pals we are roommates. Or he rants about his favorite music. Im kinda a pushover and dont know how to say ok shut up i dont care. Im even hyper sensitive to knowing how my body laguage / face is because i grew up with narcissist parents and im always worrying not to get anyone angry. I feel i live in a prison.

This guy makes it awkward for me living here. I dont wanna have long chats with him. He has a gf cant he talk to her about his day? Also she will be in the room and can hear him talking and i dont see why shes not wondering why hes yapping at me. I honestly feel like shes lowkey being taken advantage of for fornication and doesnt want to realize it or shes willingly prostituting for cheaper rent (they pay together for one fair!).

And recently i heard her moaning in their room... Ew.

I feel like i live in a den brothel. 

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