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Am I the only one who thinks the stories on “I Survived” are a bit exaggerated?

I’m not saying the stories aren’t from people who went through horrible ordeals. I tend to question the severity of some of the stories though. I mean you get that one about somebody being skinned alive, having their head chopped off, mauled by a family of bears, set on fire, forced to drink acid, and miraculously only spending 3 nights in the hospital. It makes a person scratch their head in disbelief.

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    Unfortunately, those stories are real and the Survivors did go through a severe situation.  Most episodes includes the names of the attackers who were either convicted or pled guilty of such crimes.  

    There are just too many psychopaths and/or predators out there.  Sometimes the Survivor knew his or her attacker, such as an acquaintance or former coworker, while other times the assailant is a stranger ("stranger danger").

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