Should this be tried BEFORE BUYING a house!!!!! MICHIGAN!!!!!!?

Is it better to go live there for a few months before buying a house?

Is that a better way instead of jumping into buying a house?

Where would I stay though?

A motel?

An apartment? Only for 2 months?  Makes no sense, to get an apartment for a few months. Motel sounds better. Pick a place where a motel is cheap yet decent quality like a motel 6 in Saginaw, midland, or even Dearborn. I recall Dearborn was $40 a night in 2014ish when I took my vacations to Detroit while in tricities. I did like Dearborn. ALOT!!!! It was so cool. That particultr motil in 2014 that I was in (either knights inn and suites or motel 6) was so cool. There was HUGE Arabic population there! I woud go bang hores then stroll into the hotel at 11:30 pm at night and in the front lobby there was 2 huge sofas where some Lebanese guy was sipping on tea and as soon as he saw me he waved at men and smiled.  LOL!!!! He provably thought I was middle eastern. But it was great to have that sense of community. I was in a sex daze from picking up atleast 2 different ones that night. Tired, exhausted, in a foreign city and state for that matter yet this Arabic guy waves at me and smiles probably cuz I appear middle eastern. it was really nice to have tgat much sex with strangers then stroll in at nightand have that guy wave at me. I lived my time there.

So whats it gonna be  girls? Buy a house straight before stepping foot there or a motel for a few months? I wasthere in 2014 but that seems like forever ago!!!!




Update 2:


Go back to Africa monkee neagrow

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  • 5 months ago

    What does this have to do with Religion & Spirituality?

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I smell dead fish.

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