two question about rpg classes??

I got two questions.

the first is what would you call an rpg class that really isn't a jack of all trades but is decent at two or three of them.. there are some rpgs like some of the final fantasy class that can fit this bill. iriginally the red mage was the jack of all trades but in certain games there just one of several multiskilled jacks because there are way two many classes to have base knowledge in all skills.

also question two. how would  you fill about having a fighting game archetype{a.k.a the mix up character} as a kind of class.. i.e a character that could temporary become a different type of character for a short while.. but the downside this would be like stating two characters in a game like dnd... just curios.


feel*... lol

Update 2:

btw.. I just thought of this,,,  I am not talking about games like ff5-ish.. that just give you all the classes and you can switch between them.. I am talking about playing one class or another in the middle of combat..... switching between both... I also know of a game were there are only 3 classes but they are the only three classes and you gt aces to them all.. it also doesn't count.. maybe something like a game were there as many classes as ff5 but you can switch between two only..

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