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What do you make of France proposing 'reciprocal' restrictions on us?

Just because we made a restriction, they are going to make one, whether scientifically justified or not.  Of course it will be mainly a restriction on French people if they have to quarrantine after coming here, the one we are making is mainly a restriction on our holidaymakers.


no MrSceptic, the change in rules would be due to COVID risk, not admitting they are butt-hurt about us restricting them - yeah sure they can make any rules they wish

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    The government has led people up the garden path by letting them imagine that it is safe to go abroad and be able to come back without being quarantined.

    Holiday travel abroad is stupid at this time anyway, and any business meetings can be held by online conference.  Freight transit only.

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    Both France and the Netherlands have hit back with 2 weeks quarantine for British people visiting their countries.   Which means 2 weeks entering those countries, and a further 2 weeks on re-entry from those countries into the UK.  So our beaches here will just continue to be FULL.

    I have to say unlike other years, I've yet to see a car with foreign plates in ouir coastal town this year.

    Very sadly it looks as if UK based jockeys will have to either not take their upcoming bookings in France, or be willing to go into an extended period of quarantine.   Which pretty much ends their ability to travel to France for the foreseeable future.

    THANK YOU CHINA - NOT!!!!!   The world as we know it has just SHRUNK with nobody travelling anywhere outside their own countries.

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    2 months ago

    Biting off the nez to spite one's visage. France is obv a net receiver in tourism from us.

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    I don’t think we have any right to expect any different. It’s not as if they’re all dying while we’re virus free, is it?

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    The infection rate in the UK is higher than in France or Spain.  I'm surprised they let in us plague-laden Brits in the first place.  We're still allowed to go to Italy - perhaps we should spray disinfectant on the way.

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    2 months ago

    Cutting off their nez to spite their visage.

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