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if a guy or girl uses you with malicious intent for some research, why people saying i am a troll? ?


i told many times it doesnt have to be on that particular topic.

yes i was naive to think he maybe truly loves me.

but he was a sweetalker. completly.

after i did the research he said thanks. i didnt know so many details about the plot. hey im getting married soon. thanks . have a nice life. ;'[

Update 2:

that topic was brutal to research but i did it out of love for him.

feel like a complete moron now.

this was back in 2017.

wondering if this ever happened to anyone else?

Update 3:

ps it was the rajiv ganhdi assasination plot, and cyanide film. he was obsessed with those two things.

i did it out of love. but he cheated me.

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