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Was Hitler mad at Japan when Japan did Pearl Harbor?

Was he mad at the Japanese Emperor for making the Americans get in the war while he was taking over Europe? How did Hitler feel about Pearl Harbor you think that he want it to happen?

Bonus - How did Hitler feel about the Japanese people in general?

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    Hitler thought he was generally safe from the Americans, since fighting a 2 front war in Asia and Europe would be any American president's nightmare. He probably thought the US would be too busy in the Pacific to bother him much.

    He massively underestimated the capacity of US industrial might to gear up an effective war machine.

    Hitler referred to the Japanese as the far eastern Aryans, not literally but as the metaphorical equivalent as the masters of the eastern races.

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    I think that Japan would have been more miffed when Germany attacked the USSR.  Not only did they stab Russia in the back, Japan also borders with Russia on the other side, drawing them into that conflict too.  Had Germany not attacked Russia, they would have won WWII.  The Russian front took 60% of all their resources, and they could not win.  We came into the the war after it has already been raging for 3 years.  We were fresh troops, and it still took us another 3 years to help the coalition forces defeat Germany.  Can you imagine if they not only had those other resources from the Russian front, but actually had the help of Russia both in Europe and Japan?

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    Hitler thought the US were weak and unable to fight real warrior nations like Japan or Germany

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