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Is a home buyer going to be less likely to buy from an amateur flipper?


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    They are only going to know you are an amateur if you tell them. Buyers should be dealing with your sales agent and not you.  If they see questionable work , they may question all of the work

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    Yes, if they are aware that the property is a flip and that the owner is a rookie.  Ultimately, people buy a house based on how well it meets their needs and what risks they think there may be in the house.

    As a flipper, you'd want to have all the permits for any work your did and probably offer a home warranty a part of the deal.  This provides the buy with some knowledge that any work done on the house is legitimate and that you are standing behind the work done. 

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    When I’m shopping for a home and come across one that the owner has bought recently, I’m suspicious. 

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    depends. did the flipper under price or over price the property ?? {I prefer to buy from the HOME owner who has a good knowledge of the property and neighborhood.}

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