Why my cat doesn't want to eat any meal?

I get my cat named Lila some days ago and it doesn't want to eat...I'm afraid

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Most kitties just eat a bite or two & walk away. They dont eat just once or twice a day. And, what brand & flavor does she like? If you can't find out, just buy a can of each on the shelf. My kitty likes Sheba.

  • 1 month ago

    Cats HATE change. With a passion. Stop forcing food, affection, and playtime on her. She may need a week to just BE. She is scared out of her mind right now. Would you be 100% ok if someone just took you away from your home and plopped you into a completely new environment? NOPE. 

    Start over. Give her a quiet, small place in your home with a litter box, fresh water, a snuggly blankie or bed, a hidey hole, and some food in a dish and just LEAVE HER ALONE. She will come out and eat, drink, and play when she wants. If you rush this too soon, you're going to have a cowardly cat scared of everyone and everything. Do not force her out. Just leave her be. The more space you give her, the more comfortable she will become. And when she does decide to come out, DO NOT MAKE A HUGE DEAL OUT OF IT. Make little kissy noises, say good kitty VERY calmly, try a treat, and just leave her alone. Don't bum rush her, don't go and pick her up, don't go in for petting. Small, precise movements, calm voices, and pretty much ignoring her will get her curiosity going more than smothering her. 

    I've only ever had one cat brought home that was pretty much good from the start. He just came in and MADE it his home. This is not normal at all (well, he's not a normal cat, LOL). Many need a small, cozy space to get themselves adjusted. I would open the carrier in a room already prepped with a bed, food, water, a litter box, then walk out and shut the door and just leave them. I've had cats come out and explore after a few hours. I've had cats stay in the carrier and not move (at least, not to my knowledge) for a few days. It can take a week, several weeks, maybe a month for them to make it feel like their home. You need to be patient and loving. No smothering, no forcing. She will eat when she's hungry. Just make sure she has access to food and the rest of her needs.

  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Cats get nervous in changes of environment, and many cats are very particular about food and do get upset digestion on changes of food. They will know shapes and sizes and aromas and textures and what's in it to some extent. They won't starve themselves to death over it, but do test you to the extreme. It is a guessing game to what Lila will like to eat. Sometimes if adopted, you can find out what she liked before. Some cats raised on people food table scraps can be very annoying to deal with. I tried about 6 or 8 foods with my Tiger, and she liked Purina Naturals (Original formula) dry food, but needed to be in a sealed container and people food meats cut in small bits, and Sheba Pate in Seafood flavors, and I settled on that. So, after she passed away, and I eventually adopted a new cat, I tried the same. Amy Winehouse only eats the top 1/3 of the small Sheba Pate, and so she gets it only one serving a day and I throw out the 2/3. She mostly eats the Purina Naturals, and I hear her nibbling again now. You can either keep trying foods, or just stand firm and wait for her to adjust.

    If you think she's getting too thin, take her to a veterinarian. Cats will not starve if food is available. In a dry food, check the ingredients. Cats eat meat. 

  • k w
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    she will eat when she is hungry, and not until.......

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