Forgot admin user password?

I was in the hidden admin account to see if I had personal files in it.  I have 2 user accounts and while there I decided to change my main user account to regular and the account that I never use to admin as a security measure.  I then re-hid the built-in admin.

Unfortunately I don't remember the password to the account I set as admin as I haven't used it in a year.  I can't restore or activate download programs without it.  I can't use the built-in admin because it's hidden (I do know the password for it) and I can't use runas in cmd because of group policy settings.

Do I have any options here other than 3rd party software (which I can't run anyway)?


I thought you could reply to answers on this site? 

Anyway, My user account now is just a standard.  I know the built-in administrator account password but I can't activate that account without local admin.  I can't boot to cmd without the user admin password.  I need some kind of option that will either let me enter built-in Administrator password at startup despite the account being hidden or to somehow activate the Admin account from a standard user.  Assuming there is anyway to do that.

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  • 1 month ago

    Is your user account an admin on the local machine? if so, you can change the password for the Admin account from within your own account.  

    If not, you might look into using the Ease of Access Hack here

    Lastly, of course, get out and look for Nordahl's Password Reset disk.  It uses Linux to change the password for any account, and the default is the Administrator.  

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