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If you have court ordered child support and your baby’s dad goes in the military, will child support payments be decreased?

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  • Marvin
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    1 month ago

    The military will simply deduct whatever the state says.  If he wants the amount reduced then he will have to go back to court in your state and get it changed.

    How serious is the military about child support?  Let me tell you...

    I had a vasectomy before I went into the military. I disclosed my vasectomy because I was required to disclose any surgeries. I had no dependents listed because I had no kids. Young men often enter the military and lie to avoid the child support deduction. The records auditor did not believe it possible for a young man without children to get a vasectomy. Any man who is 21 can get one a vasectomy without children, but he did not know that.  Anyway, he had me investigated for possible fraud because he was absolutely positive that I was lying about not having children. No dependents were ever found, and the case was closed. The reason I told you about my story is because I wanted you to know just how seriously the military takes child support.

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    If he asks for a modification and the court finds that he makes less, etc and it should be modified, sure.

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    CS is based on the parents' incomes, how many kids, health care costs, etc. Since the military has great health care coverage that expense may go away, which could decrease the CS (if there's a hearing to amend the cs), ASSUMING the Dad is currently paying for the kid(s) health care insurance. Butcha don't say. The answer is in the details you fail to provide.

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