April asked in PetsCats · 5 months ago

I know you can do the Q-tip with vaseline for cats, my get showed me how. But I'm curious about dogs?


Sorry was supposed to say my vet showed me.

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  • 5 months ago

    Cats are induced ovulators, which means they need to mate to ovulate....  So they cycle in and out of heat until they mate...  The q-tip trick works to pull a cat out of heat because it simulates mating..  Which allows her to ovulate.

    Dogs are not induced ovulators.   They cycle whether they mate or not.   Theres is no "trick" to pull a female dog out of heat.   You have to simply wait until her cycle is over.

    The better solution is to get your pets SPAYED, so you dont have to deal with heat cycles or molest your pet with a qtip

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