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Am I pregnant !!!??? ?

I miss two pills (sun and mon) during the first week of my new birth control pack. I was spotting Monday but I still had unprotected sex, I officially stoped stopping late Monday night. I took two birth control pills tues night at 9pm and two bc pills Thursday at 2 am bc I forgot to take the pill again wed at 9pm (which is when I normally take them). I had unprotected sex multiple times thrus, sat and sun nights. It’s the second week of my pill pack and I missed tues aug 11th pill again so wed night at 9pm I took 2 pills. Could I be pregnant ? I took a test today Friday 14 but I know it can be to early. But I’m freaking out could I be pregnant !? When should I take a test again ? & an FYI I did not take any plan b.

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    There's no way of knowing.  The best thing you can do is call our ob/gyn and go in for an exam, blood test, and a discussion of an alternative to the pill.  Every woman misses a pill now and then, but you seem to be a person who needs a birth control method that doesn't require a daily dosage.  Please consider talking about an implant, injection, or IUD.  

    There's no way of guessing whether you got pregnant because there's no way of guessing when or even if you ovulated.  

    As an aside, use a condom if you miss a pill.  This isn't hard to do.  Do not have sex without a condom until you know from your doctor that your pills or another method are working.  That will probably be at least until you get back on schedule again next month.  

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    It is probably bad for your body to tale two b/c pills at the same time, but consult at least a qualified pharmacist if not your doctor. Seeing that you seem to be bad at regular pill taking, maybe try a different form of long-term contraception (implant, etc) or use physical means such as condoms.

    Nobody can tell you at long distance if you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test at least 2 weeks after you last had sex, and read the instructions on the packet.

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    Take a pregnancy test if you do not get your withdrawal bleeding during your placebo week.  If you are pregnant - you will not get the withdrawal bleeding.

    If you do get your withdrawal bleeding during the placebo week - then  you are not pregnant.  

    Pregnancy is possible because missing more than two pills during any pack increases the chances that it might fail and allow ovulation to happen.  If ovulation does happen, there is really no way to predict exactly when ovulation would happen. 

    A pregnancy test is also accurate when it has been 21 days after the last time you had sex.  But if you are having sex often, you might not get a time frame of 21 days without sex.  

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