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Do I need WiFi service if I own a router?

Like if I bought a linksys ac5400 ea9500 do I still have to pay Comcast or AT&T for internet service?

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    The router is a bit like a home phone or cordless phone.

    You can buy whatever model you like, but it won't do anything unless you also pay for a phone connection to the house.

    Likewise an internet router, you also need to pay for the internet connection to the house.

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    Yes you can use

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    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, yes.

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    If you want to connect to the Internet then you need an Internet service provider, unless you can leach of a neighbours ISP. To do that you would need to know their network name (SSID) and password.

    A wireless router is a way of sharing 'stuff' locally. That stuff could be files, printers etc, it could be an Internet connection. You can also connect by cable (RJ45) to a router to share 'stuff'.

    Most ISPs I've come across provide a router as part of the service. Check if possible providers will offer.

    Be wary of spending huge amounts on routers with fancy features. Unless you gave very modern phones, faucets or computers then the fancy features buy not be available. There is a war going on on things like range, throughput. Throughput depends on location and signal strength. Range is affected bu location and other users kf WiFi near you. If you gave more than one user using the same channel there will be interference unless you move channels  on your router

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  • yes! without wifi connection your router is just an inactive machine,,,   

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    1 month ago

    You need the service and a modem then worry about a router

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    Without internet your new router is good for kicking the nails only.Router by itself does not make internet.Internet you buy from ISP (internet service provider)

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    What Robert J said, because I can't think of anything to say that isn't facetious or condescending

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    2 months ago

    Do I need WiFi service if I own a router? Yes.

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    Yes! Router is just like equipment, you will have to keep paying for the WiFi. Some companies give router for free if you buy WiFi connection of year 

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