I'm moving but my new home won't be ready for about a month after I'm out of this home. Do I cancel comcast or suspend service. ?

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    5 months ago

    Ask them to suspend it

  • 5 months ago

    That is a question you need to ask Comcast.  If your new house happens to be in the same service area as your old one, it might be possible to suspend the service and have it reactivated in a month.  But even if the new house is only five feet from your current home, it may not be in the same service area.

    You may also want to call and ask pretend like you are wanting to add a new service to your new home.  Often they will give you an introductory rate for the first year that can reduce the price by as much as half.  You will not get that if you suspend the service.

    Only comcast can tell you which is the better thing to do.  And their policies vary from state to state and office and office.

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