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List as many authors/actors/writers/creators of any kind that have done something controversial?

So with a lot of people complaining about such trivial and quite frankly petty things some writers or actors have done, enough to want to boycott them or their work, I'd like for people to list as many actors/writers/authors any kind of creator or anything they made that has done something controversial and people don't care enough to want to talk about it.

For example, Dan Harmon (co-creator of Rick and Morty) is currently being talked about by people because of an old sketch he did. The sketch was controversial and definitely very dark in humor, and people are talking about how they want to cancel Rick and Morty over it, even though he Apologized for it. Or how people are still talking about J.K Rowling and her tweets enough to want to boycott Harry Potter 

So how many other content creators have done something or made something that should be the subject of hate but for whatever reason aren't? Don't have to explain the reason, just list the content creator and/or their work or what they did

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  • Lomax
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    5 months ago

    Every single one.

    People who are so boring as to never have done a single thing that someone somewhere found objectionable are definitely incapable of writing a novel.

  • 5 months ago

    We're limited to 10,000 characters, which wouldn't begin to cover the misdeeds of many creative people.

    I'll just toss out Marion Zimmer Bradley--gladly--who has been credibly accused of sexual abuse by her own children and of covering up dozens of incidents of sexual abuse and rape of unrelated children by her husband, an admitted pedophile.

    There are people who insist readers (or audiences, listeners, art lovers, etc.) separate the person from their work, because all humans do bad things, but this one's on the other side of the line for me, literally unforgivable. If her estate cannot sell new editions of her work because her reputation is in the crapper, I'm fine with that.

  • Tina
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    5 months ago

    Ben Jonson killed a man in a duel.

    Wagner was antisemitic (but to be fair, he hated practically everyone else as well).

    Dickens left his wife after years of marriage - and blamed her.

    Mozart - well....

    Puccini - I can't...

    Poor Oscar Wilde...

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