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Moments of disconnect?

Now I’m having a bit of trouble really gathering my thoughts in how to word this question.

I suspect that I suffer from some level of anxiety and depression but I have yet to see a licensed professional. I don’t know if these these little incidents are from lack of sleep, stress, or any other factors as I’ve never thought to monitor them before. Not sure if they’re normal just as well, something that everyone experiences. 

In any case, I have these moments every now and then where I’m looking at a family member, a friend or a pet and it feels like they’re not exactly a stranger but like I slowly realize my relationship to them. 

I look at my mom and in my head I’m like “oh, that’s my mom.” I feel distant in my head when I have these moments, like an out of body experience where my vision is in a box. Then I slowly come back to myself and of course that’s my mom. Within these moments it also somewhat feels like I’m realizing I’m alive, and I’m me.

Trips me up a lot and it’s very unnerving to deal with.

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    It's called dissociation and it has numerous causes,  including unbridled anxiety and depressive disorder. 

    Even the overstimulation of the brain's endogenous cannabinoids via using marijuana, but then it is temporary and not recurrent unless using THC.

    Therapy merely is the way to teach you how to best cope and live DESPITE some kind of difficulty.   My therapy was physical therapy which taught me how to walk again and occupational therapy which taught me how to shave and just do while mostly blind.

    Mental therapy teaches one how to cope with and do what is necessary (live life) despite say too much anxiety or having traumatic brain injury, whatever is tying you up.

    Medication from a doctor will curb the anxiety or depression or hallucinations enough to get by without being overcome. 

    Time to see a professional because treating this yourself will only make it worse unless you know what to do,  and if you did know that,  you wouldn't be asking here nor ANYWHERE. 

    Mental health is as important as physical health because it IS THE SAME THING. 

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