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Is Michael Flynn still in legal trouble?

Trump's DOJ wants to let him go, but the appeal court is not sure? What will happen if the court ignores the DOJ recommendation?

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    The DOJ did not make a recommendation, they made a motion to dismiss the charges. The judge in the case, Judge Sullivan, has delayed his ruling on that motion. The parties to the case (DOJ and Mr. Flynn) have sought a writ of mandamus from the circuit court to force the judge to grant the motion.

    The circuit court initially granted the writ. Judge Sullivan appealed, despite not being a party to the suit. That appeal was granted and the three sides (including the judge's - oddly enough) presented their oral arguments before the full panel of the circuit court only a few days ago. The full panel has not issued their ruling yet.

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    Well the appeals court has it under some sort of unprecedented advisement to determine if the judge can also be the prosecutor, if they had a case, which they don't, which is why there is no prosecutor.  The whole purpose of which is to get the decision past the election so that the judiciary is not exposed to be part of the democrat organization, just like the FBI and judicial department is.  The judge in the Flynn case is one of the "best men" that Obama instructed to be used on the Flynn case.  Per Obama's instructions, the prosecutor, judge, jury foreman, and defense attorneys were all democrat plants to get Flynn.  Flynn's defense attorneys not only did a poor job defending him, but took all of his money, took his house, gave him a bill for a huge debt he cannot pay,  and convinced him to plead guilty.  The judge even called Flynn a traitor during a sentencing phase of the trial.  The original (Obama) prosecuting attorneys hid evidence that would have shown that the trial was a scam, and were dismissed from the case for that.   The new prosecuting attorneys had no case and so the Justice Department dropped the charges.

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    Courts find people guilty. Not the Justice Department.

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