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If someone successfully clones a human, what would happen to his or her rights?

Just becausr itd illegal doesn't mean it's not bound to happen. So if a clone was birthed, we would need to give it rights, how would this be handled in the US and other countries?

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    It would probably be born in a hospital and given a birth certificate like every other baby. How would anybody know if the baby was a clone? Even, when the cloned baby gets older, he or she would not know they were a clone unless they were told. Clones are basically the same as twins, they are separate people with identical physical characteristics.

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    The clone is still a human with all the rights of any other humans.

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    A clone would have the same rights as anyone else.  We wouldn't need to do anything special.

    Except figure out how to fill out the birth certificate, since there wouldn't be parents in the usual sense.

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    5 months ago

    They'd have the same rights as anyone else just like the test tube babies do.  

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