My parents are putting a strain on my relationship. What do I do? ?

I am in love with a guy and we’ve been together for one year. He lives about 4 hours away so we don’t see each other that often but we keep up with text and FaceTime. Anyway, I had also introduced him to my parents a couple months back but they do not approve of him. We’re both the same age (24) but he had took some gap years after high school trying to figure out what he wanted to do but then moved to America to start his education here so he’s an international student and about to enter his junior year of college. He still has quite a few semesters to go. And I am here about to be done with my masters. My parents are so unsupportive and tell me why I didn’t look at all the boxes before jumping into this and that includes finding someone with the same level of education as me. You can’t help who you fall in love with and that wasn’t my priority when I had started talking to him. We are so compatible and click and I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. In my culture, having the parents involved is very important so no I can’t just elope and do whatever I want. Maybe if I was more independent because currently I work part time and I’m still a student and trying to find a job in my field is rough right now especially with Covid.

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    I think that the best approach would be to explain to your parents that the most important thing when forming a relationship with someone is that you share an emotional connection with. Superficial factors, such as wealth, level of education, appearance don't contribute anything meaningful to a relationship and therefore will not satisfy you on an emotional level. In saying that, you could also point out to them that this guy does make you happy and that you are serious about each other - you have looked "at all the boxes" and this guy does tick them for you. 

    Furthermore, try explaining to your parents that this guy does have drive and is putting things in place to provide stability. That is ultimately what you parents are worried about - that this guy won't provide any stability. However, perhaps when they see how happy you are, they will eventually accept. At present, they are probably feeling a little apprehensive because this all new to them given that you parents sound like they are conservative. I really hope this helps :)

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    On top of that, he does not have the financial support from his parents because it was his decision to move here and he has decided to lessen his course load this coming semester to work and save money because international fees are ridiculous. My mom says that I am just wasting my time and I cannot help but feel depressed. I try not to discuss this stuff with him too much because it makes him upset too and he knows his situation. There is not much I can do to help him either right now. I don’t mind waiting for him at all but the people around me make it hard. My friends understand but what can they do, you know? My parents think that after a certain age, I’ll be too “old” for marriage and if this doesn’t work out with him, I wouldn’t get proposals. I wanted to get a non-bias opinion from you all. What do I do?!

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