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Hey. How bout this dream? Sup?

Ok, I'm eating a slice of watermelon and the seeds are crying PLEASE DON'T EAT ME TOOO! Then...some weird thing about a hemorrhoid talking about watering my greens. Then, a giant bud of sensimilla takes me back to the 70's and I'm really hungry but laughing and getting along with everybody. I over fry some bacon and chopped onions. I heat up and mash some black eyed peas with the bacon n onions. I spoon that over some fat sliced good ole country garden grown termaters and sprinkle sprinkle some white vinegar on it. My hemorrhoid thanks me. WHAAAT?Β 

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    They make a dream interpretation category for this...............


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    5 months ago

    Clearly you are worried that your hemorrhoids may become sentient and slowly begin to take control of your actions.

    Buy some Preparation H and you'll sleep soundly again.Β 

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