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Computer security, Why is OTP the only encryption method that can noit be cracked?

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    Actually, they can be cracked. However, most often they were used in relatively sort time frames. And for relatively short messages. But cracking them takes a longish time compared to the time frame. 

    So, cracking one was meaningless. By the time you had it cracked, the spies (or whatever) had moved on, done their bit and the damage was done. 

    Information is a funny thing -- when it's past its use-by date, it is more useless than a straight guess. 

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    I don't have the foggiest idea about a great deal about the specialized functions of the 3DS and 3DS homemade libation yet I make them comprehend of how it functions. I get that the OTP is a comfort one of a kind key that is produced on startup, and I know why you need to minimization to a pre-3.0 adaptation to acquire it.

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