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Jesus is Love?

I feel Jesus raining down his heavenly love upon us as I teach up my hands I can feel his love in my hands and as you reach for his love you can feel his love fall from heaven to just reach up with hands opened! in Jesus name I pray that you feel his love to, in Jesus name Amen,  Thank you JESUS!

(Ok now is this the way I should as for Jesus love? what do you think?) 

Thank you for loves 

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  • Yoda
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    1 month ago

    You imagine.

    What use are you to us? 

    Instead of empty words and hypocrisy, why not find something that you are good at doing - - - something more than blather. 

  • Jesus is God, he is, an Immense Love!

    The love of God is in the heart and body of every faithful believer, it is not on the hands! His love does not fall from heaven, His love descends from His presence on earth to make His Eternal Love felt in the hearts of His own!

    You still haven't told me what religion you're from?From the way you say things, I think you're a Catholic?Hard for me to miss, isn't it, kitten?

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