Do I need to adjust the Wi-Fi option in Windows Settings to get an ethernet connection?

I recently asked whether I need to obtain a USB to ethernet adapter in order to be able to get a wired, ethernet connection for my Windows 10 laptop, as it doesn't have an ethernet port. The consensus was that I do.

However, once I do that and connect it, do I then need to move the Wi-Fi option in Windows Settings to 'off'?

Or will simply connecting the ethernet cable be all I need to do in order to get that wired connection and thus the faster speeds? Will my laptop make any kind of acknowledgement that I am now using an ethernet connection?

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  • 3 months ago
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    The symbol in the status area should change when it's using Ethernet rather than WiFi.

    You can adjust the WiFi settings so it automatically disables WiFi while there is an ethernet connection, to avoid any chance of the wrong connection, or just to save a small amount of power.

    See the details in the link below:

  • BigE
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    3 months ago

    I believe Windows "knows" the fastest network interface because it a parameter in the driver.  It always picks the fastest one for the default route.  You can compare ipconfig /all with and without the cable installed it should switch from wifi to wired.

    I don't think it automatically downs the wifi because there are reasons that you might want to both.

    I think if this bothers you, you can define a network profile and switch from one to the other, but that is just as many steps as disabling the wifi.

  • 3 months ago

    No, you do not need to adjust Wifi.  Your laptop automatically chooses the correct connection by SPEED and Ethernet is the fastest connection.  The connection is found in the system tray.  Wifi looks like a dot with rounded lines above it, and Ethernet will look like a rectangle with a plug next to it. If you disable the Wifi option at this point, you are saving only minimal power.  Just leave it.  You'll be fine. 

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