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If India was the holy land of Buddhism (called Tenijku or heavenly centre), how did Japan dare try to invade India in its war against Asia?


Not so, the ancient Japanese at least revered Tenjiku, the birthplace of their faith

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    Buddhism was suppressed during Imperial Japan. I am not endorsing their version of Buddhism, but for example the founders of Sokka Gakkai were imprisoned during the war. This is to their credit, and one reason their sect became very successful after the war. 

    As with the Marxists, their jail cells came to be seen as the most respectable place to be during the war. This did not necessarily mean that people became Marxists or joined Sokka Gakkai after the was just that the war time dissidents got respect for having the courage of their convictions and being on the correct side of history during the war. 

    In fact, there were some esoteric Shinto sects that were suppressed as well. The state religion was officially sanctioned state Shinto. Evangelical Buddhism and esoteric Shintoism were considered unpatriotic at the time for different reasons. Obviously the universalism and pacifism of Buddhism were problematic at the time. Esoteric Shinto sects were suspect simply because these sects actually are esoteric, and usually very much about the leadership. 

    Source(s): The Rush Hour of the Gods by Neill McFarland.
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    I think it's not the time Japan and India do even such war and so on, because even hot and under the corona , even the international air planes have not been moving in India .

    Though I want send the Chocolate there but it will melt in the airport .

    The thunder hit the about 60 people in India this year .

    And the ground slip occured around the north direction and Myanma- .

    The name of the histrical temple? was changed the day before , I heard.

    Japan and India can't win against the Kunfu .

    Because it is strong.

    I thought the solgers sent to the boundary between Cina and India was specialists about Kunfu-.and they was special Killer. not usual soldger. I thought they didn't kill to each another .But my thinking was just a sweet thinking .

    The one  working in Japan seldom speak Wo-, I always become sad . They talk with only Japanese sometime with us .


    And the name who speaks Chinese was not called in Japan .

    I don't know well but even the name Wu3 is changed Jyo.

    Their faces are sad .

    The government have any policy about the name for calling , but 

    I can't find the reason of it well .

    They and I was becoming that there is no ourselves sometime . As for even Mr. Nin3 , there may or would be not found still now in Tokyo .usually ? or till when ?

    ※I shall send the sentence once now .

    The Indian people are living between China and pakistan , and so on in the time.

    Though they are religeous Buddha-nism? , the Kunfu- time? and Islamic time 

    may has come in time at before and its after .

    So they may be fear Would be Kunfu- or the religeous in China and Islamic , Would Be Allah .Even I  am fear .

    Some day I want to learn the form of the Kunfu- from the one who speaks Chinese .But it may not become the real .It may be good ,too . Kunfu- must protect the people in China .😁 Please don't kill indian people ? , and so on .even domestic citizen,too .

    Buddah-nism may be silently fundamentally .

    As the God Allah break the legs at several hours, please let yourself leave or remain them.?? 

    I'm sorry if I am writting the strange expressionrs .

    As for I-Tai-I-Ru-, I want you would make it safely. I can't acept it well till now .

    Please let the people who live around The Silk Road be leaved as safely .

    I have a Far-Way .It does work well .

    Today is Sunday. I feel a new 1 week and It's an weekend even in India , even in China .

    Lets enjoy .

    Please would spend safely from the Corona, and so on .

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    Japan did not invade under any religious reasons (or pretenses). They wanted an empire, like western nations made around the globe. Japan saw itself at the apex of East Asia, and so were entitled to it. The nations they invaded however had a very different view of things.

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    For the same reason why Indians dare to war and kill among themselves for over 1000 years. Give the sanctimony a rest. 

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    Tenjiku is a myth. Even Buddhists don't believe in it.

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    It was not "war against Asia", but against the British Empire, the United States and the Netherlands. It didn't matter if it was the holy land of Buddhism or not, it was ruled by the British Empire there so Japan attacked in India.

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    In Japan there is Zen Buddhism, which is more of a philosophy of life than religion, it seems to me. On the other hand, in India and Thailand there is another much more religious Buddhism.

    The Japanese military made disasters among the Asian population, especially in China. Or with the Koreans. The Japanese themselves say so.

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    Japan is Shinto, not Buddhist.

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